Introducing the EUMIGRATOOL (EMT)

The EMT is a solution-oriented tool with two main functions:
(I) Predicting migration flows
(II) Detecting risks of tensions related to migration

The backend of EMT comprises two complementary approaches to:


The EMT includes analysis of media content from TV-news (video content), web-news and social media (text content) using deep learning and proprosing novel deep architectures in generative modelling and forecasting using sequential data. Predictions incorporate algorithms that consider the two key chanllenges associated with prediction of migration: (a) Adequate selection of relevant data sources, and (b) correct selection of the potencial drivers to be monitored and to the warning thresholds to be set.

The backend of EMT comprises two complementary approaches to:

helping end-users to further analyse mixed migration flows and to distinguish persons in need ofInternational Protection (eligible for asylum status) fromthose in different migration situations who, in theabsence of legal routes, use illegal methods.

EMT is able to account for entry quote when forecasting migratory flows, having a real numberof migrants arriving to a particular country and region, helping NGOs understand the humaneffort and material resources that need to be allocated in that particular territory beforethe arrival.

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